July 21, 2011

Embracing the Camera: Vivos in Austin

Ohh Vivos... "Better than sex... Tex Mex" - Their motto. This restaurant is one of my favorites to have girl's night dinner dates, happy hour, and a great place to take a hot date! ;-) Vivo is an Austin original restaurant that my mom told me about a few years ago and I have been obsessed in love ever since. There are nothing but plants, flowers, fine art of women, lit candles, wine glasses... it creates such a relaxing enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. The service is ALWAYS great.

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When my sister Maddie was in town a few weeks ago, my cousin Sandra and I took her to eat here! She got to experience their fresh, never greasy, amazing tex-mex food. We started with the Crab Nachos. 

As you can see there is not a DROP of grease or anything. So so yummy and fresh!
They also have ridiculously yummy margaritas (and it only takes two! lol). They even put flowers in the margaritas!

When it came time to order, Maddie got the chicken quesadillas, and they were T-D-F!! She was very impressed with how perfectly meaty, cheesy, and delicious it was! The plate usually comes with pico and sour cream, but she opted out this round. 

I got the fajita taco, with sizzling fajita meat, loaded in the cheesiest tortilla with many toppings. As you can tell I didn't wait to dig in one bit. You will also notice even with fajitas and mexican rice, there is still not a drop of grease on my plate. It makes you feel like it's at least 10x healthier ;-)

holy taco it was so good!
My beautiful sister and ME after how many margs? :P
After finishing our plates and chatting, it was time for the check. Best part about Vivo? Every girl gets a rose as she is leaving. The bathrooms have ice that fill the sinks with rose petals everywhere, and super soft towel-like paper towels. Every time I come here it's so peaceful and fun, I don't think I've ever seen a disappointed customer in this building. If you're an Austinite, this great restaurant is located off Manor Road, and a few months ago opened a new restaurant off of 620 between 183 and Anderson Mill.

Sandra and Maddie
Maddie with a rose... love it!
My BEAUTIFUL sister!

Isn't my sister absolutely gorgeous!??!! Anyway, we had so much fun! She stayed with me for about two weeks and now she's back home in Louisiana with the rest of the family. Miss her :( If you are ever in Austin and have the chance, you should definitely check out this restaurant it is amazing! 

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Anonymous said...

I think the next time we see each other we should go to vivo! Girl night what what!!
Love ash

ruthiehart said...

how fun! I went there for my bday last year...the drinks are strong! I will have to try the crab nachos!