July 15, 2011

Our Sales Team Outing

As most of you may know, I work at Dell in Consumer Sales in Round Rock, TX. We have sales teams and throughout the quarter, teams win and are given a sum of money to spend for team-building events, or team outings. This quarter, we raised quite a bit and decided to do something fun and outdoors!

We decided to keep it budget friendly so we could do something fun in the future as well, so we carpooled in a few vehicles and headed to Bob Wentz Park at Windy Point (It's on Lake Travis) for the afternoon for some football, sand volley, and some rays! We didn't spend any money doing this, but thought we could enjoy an amazing dinner afterwards at Uncle Billy's (A "Brew and Que" [Brewery and BBQ] off the lake).

The Gorgeous Lake Travis at Windy Point
When we got there, the weather was perfect, it was definitely hot, but so nice! Unfortunately because of our drought going on, the water was super low! It's really sad to see the lakes really low on water. I didn't end up getting in the water, but we enjoyed about two hours of laying out and tossing the football etc before we rounded the team up to head on over to the restaurant. 

Check out us rockin' our thick colored old-school sunglasses. The best!
Grant and Jon from our Sales Team
I was able to get a shot of the lake from the backseat of a car, so I'm sorry for the glare, but look at how beautiful it is. 

I could live on Lake Travis. So peaceful and gorgeous!
After we got to Uncle Billy's, we started up with some appetizers. Since we were technically on the clock until 8pm, no alcoholic beverages were allowed. Honestly it was so hot we were ready for pitchers of waters and kept those coming.

I actually didn't get any snap shots of the food, as it was practically gone by the time we got it! (I knowww, you're thinking - seriously? No food pics!?! - Sorry!) We ordered family style Ribs, Brisket, Jalapeno and Reg Sausage, Fried Okra, Mac and Cheese, Potato Salad, Green Beans, Wings, and the list goes on I'm sure. Are you hungry yet? :P It was truly delicious! I haven't had ribs in years and these were fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy and perfect! They even had a signature Habenero BBQ Sauce and Ranch. TDF!! It was perfectly spicy and I dipped practically all of my food in each sauce!

Our Sales Team!
As you can see, as soon as 8 rolled around, we were ready for some brew-ski's! Upstairs at Uncle Billy's, there are billiard tables, shuffleboard, and live music outside! It was a great place! I would definitely go there again! It's also a Brewery, they had several pale ales, and hefeweizen beers that were so so good! I was keepin' it cheap, so I stuck with one of my all time favorites, Modelo Especial with a lime! 

My girlfriends from work, Jen on the left - Ashly on the right
Ashly and Jon loving the mist fan
I also got introduced to something called "Planking?"  Where someone takes a picture laying face down on an intimate object? Lol...What??? I still don't get it.....

I still don't get it!
Anyway, it was a great time, and our team got to spend more time hanging out with each other, as most of us only see each other when we're working. We left after the sunset back to North Austin to grab our cars and head home. 

How beautiful is that?
As a team we still have hundreds left over from the team builder, so I'm pretty excited to see what team-date we have next! I'm hoping it's Fogo de Chao! It's a brazillian steakhouse with unlimited premium cuts of all meats and I've heard nothing but great things about it. I've always wanted to go there!! Cross your fingers with me! :) 

Today I am also linking up with the Anderson Crew! Be sure to check out her blog and also wish her a Happy Birthday today!

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend!!

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