July 2, 2012

100 Follower Group Giveaway!!

Last month, I reached my first milestone in this bloggin' world, and like I promised I wanted to do a FUN and huge giveaway for y'all as my thanks for being so supportive, loving, and welcoming to me since I started this blog several months ago.

I have some amazing ladies on the blog today that are so gracious to participate, so have SO much fun with this awesome giveaway and hopefully we will all meet some new fabulous people along the way!! Enjoy!

100 Follower Group Giveaway!!

Check out all of these great prizes from these amazing women! I have attached their blog links below their ads, but you will find ALL Social Media links in the Rafflecopter giveaway below!!

Ashley from Luce Blog

Mallorie from Home is with You

Jenni from Story of My Life

These girls are not only fabulous bloggers of fashion, life, shops, faith, kids, and photography - but are also the ladies that I've become so close with through blogging alone, and have become great friends of mine. Thank you girls for always supporting me and being so amazing!
Now let's give some stuff away!!
You have almost 50 ways to enter this giveaway, people!!
8 winners will be chosen in ONE week! (July 9th 12:00am CT)
Are you feeling lucky!?!?!


Sabine said...

this is such an amazing give away. Congratz on the 100 followers :D

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Look at you rockin' and rollin' all over the place.

Ashley said...

Phew... that was tough work! ;) Thanks for such a great giveaway, girl!

Katie Price said...

Congrats Amanda!