July 23, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

Shenanigans it was, my friends. This weekend just about had a little bit of everything. For some reason I have felt like everything was wrong with me this weekend! Let's start from the beginning, haha.

So Friday, I am at work towards the end of the day, planning out what appetizer I'm going to make for the House Hunters party, and my middle finger on my left hand starts feeling irritated. Now before you start thinking anything gross or weird, NO irritation showed what so ever. Just felt like it was on fire, itched, whatever. So I put a bandaid on it and forgot about it as I was getting ready to leave and make my way through 45 min of traffic getting home.

We are supposed to be AT the party around 8, well guess who shows up 10 minutes before 8 a little tipsy from an after work happy hour? The boyfriend... I am the kind of person who HATES being late, yes hates... so I'm a little chaotic getting things together, showering, cooking, etc. and as I'm unloading the dishes, our hefty sized plate falls edge first and lands smack right on my knuckle on my big toe.... yep couldn't breathe for a good 9.6 seconds. UghhH! Leaving the picture out though to save you from the grody-ness. You're welcome.

Still can't really bend it much either. It is nasty looking haha! But we got everything together and at least made it to the party in time for House Hunters to come on! I made Southwestern Egg Rolls (recipe to come!) and they. were. so. good!

These were a huge hit, and I also made a Spicy Avocado Ranch sauce for dipping. Will post recipes this week!

The House Hunter's party was so, so fun. Ruthie & Jon are the cutest and hope you all tuned into their episode! Who came name all the bloggers in these photos!? We were all there to support our girl!

Scott has really become good friends with the blogger hubbies, and played Corn Hole with Jon for hours straight. We didn't leave until about a little after 1am... fun night!

Saturday we were zombies! We had all these fun plans for Scott to hang out with Dave (Mallorie's hubby!), see Batman all together, etc.  well we laid on our couch being lazy until nearly 3pm! Wasted day, but Chris, Scottie and I still went to see Batman around 7pm... I have to say that after Friday's Colorado thing, I was definitely feeling a little weary of being in a theater, but the movie was INCREDIBLE. I love Christian Bale Batman!! hehe

Saturday was rough with my finger having some weird allergic reaction (with no visual! so weird!) that was bothering me, and my toe that I couldn't bend, I was definitely being dramatic about it but it hurt, ok!? I ended up picking up a thing of benadryl on the way home from batman. I straight up passed out less than 30 minutes later, I guess it still has the same effect on me as it did when I was a kid haha.

When I woke up Sunday morning to start getting ready for Church, now my throat was all hurting! Am I fallin apart or what? I immediately took some airborne, tylenol, and laid back down and streamed online - no way am I going to get sick! When I got back up, cleaned up around the house, did some laundry, and Scott was really wanting me to go with him to this new restaurant so I got ready and off we went to Lupe Tortilla! He's a fajita fanatic, and we've heard nothing but great things, so I was pretty excited. I love little day dates with my man.

This place was a little more expensive than say Chuy's or La Margarita, but I can see why. Not only was management constantly stopping my tables giving samples of their famous fajitas, but always making sure we were having a great experience, margaritas came with another glass full and were strong (yay!), and chips and salsa were great. Scott has named this place our new go-to. If they had Creamy Jalapeno like Chuy's does, I would have been SET!

Yummmmmm. We had lots leftover too. Rest of the day was spent finishing laundry, we got a Red Box movie, and chillaxed. I'm still feeling a little rough today, but now I can bend my toe again, yay! My finger is 100% better too. I swear - so weird. Anyway, while we had our family snugglefest, I snapped cute pictures of Huxley so that is what I'll end my post with.


Stesha said...

sounds like a great weekend, minus your toe! ouch!! hope it feels better!


Brooke Houston said...

Ouch! Your toe looks like it's in some serious pain! I'm so glad I got to see you at the party but super bummed we couldn't stay longer. We had to wake up early to help my grandma move, boo! So funny you tried Lupe Tortilla! We went on Saturday for lunch. That place is the BOMB! It's def pricey but so worth it!!!

Anna said...

Your poor toe!! I hope it heals soon! All of the food looks delicious btw!

Krista said...

Glad you foot is on the mend, that looks like a nasty wound! At least things ended well, looks like yummy food. And who can resist Huxley ;)

Ruthie Hart said...

you are falling apart!!! Don't wither away on us :-) thanks for the shout out and support girl! xox

Heather said...

Your dog is soooo adorable!!!


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I wanna come to a ruthie and Amanda party. I miss out on the good stuff all the way in Tennessee.