July 5, 2012

Trip to see Raelyn

Morning, friends! Hope you all had a blast yesterday, and for those that worked - hope you had a fun night! We left directly after work on Tuesday evening to go visit with Scott's sister, Helen, her hubby Jonas, and cute little 6 month old Raelyn.

They live in way Southeast Texas around the Lufkin/Beaumont area, and it took about 4 hours. I love these little road trips because Texas is just gorgeous with all of the lakes, rivers, and trees.

A lot of you asked me to make sure I snap some cute pictures and videos, and I sure did! We took Huxley with us, and he was SO sweet with Raelyn, the only thing we even had to ask him to do is to stop kissin' her so much! hehe I am glad to know he loves babies/kids!

Raelyn is still learning how to crawl right now, but she is just the happiest baby. Always smiling!

Doesn't this picture make your heart melt!? Oh and by the way, the adorable headband pictured on her was made by Mrs. Mallorie Owens - and I've gotten a few headbands from her for Raelyn and my little Annalee (who is the 5 month old of our best friends). They are SO cute, high quality, and comfortable for the girls. You all need to check out her shop right hurr and get some for yourself or other cute babies you know:

Anyway, we spent the fourth just lying around the house, chatting, had some watermelon, made a 5 cheese lasagna, and watched movies - and watched Raelyn and Huxley play :-)

Oh, and did I mention how sweeeeeeeeeet it is to see Scottie with his little niece? He is so cute around babies. Scott's family has called him "bubba" since he was practically born, and he was on cloud 9 since Raelyn's first "word" right now is saying "bubba"... gosh I tried to get it on video but you know how babies are- they only do it when you look away/shut off the cam haha. It was so adorable though!

We drove back to Austin around 5pm, so as we were getting into town we saw fireworks everywhere! One of the many things I love about Scott is that he is SO fun to road trip with, he is always jammin out or singin his own version of something, he is teasing me or makin me laugh, it is just a great time and makes the trip go by super fast.

It was a fun fouth. Happy birthday America!

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Ruthie Hart said...

soooo did this spark some baby fever :-)

Alyssa said...

so cute!! i love watching little babies and puppies play :)

Stesha said...

looks like such an awesome day! Love that little babyyy!


Krista said...

Such cute baby/poochie pics! Your Huxley looks almost the same as our Seamus (just got him 2 weeks ago). How old is Huxley? Do you like having a Boston Terrier? We are loving ours so far.

Glad you had a nice 4th!

Mrs. T said...

She is beautiful!!! :)

Mallorie Owens said...

Still can't get over how ADORABLE she is! Love the headband on her. :)