July 19, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. It was also the day that finally, after 1.5 years after his passing, all 5 of his kids (including his 14 year old daughter) put their money together and paid for a beautiful new grave marker that would take the place of the "Place Card" on his grave in Baton Rouge, La. Honestly, it was the most beautiful gift we could have given him. Etched in his stone are pictures of golf, and words of love coming from the 5 people he loved more than anything and anyone in this world.

Yesterday was also a sad day. It is the second birthday that had gone by without him, but all of those sad feelings went away when I attended Church last night for our Worship Service. As the band was playing these wonderful songs praising the Lord, there was a Baptism area to the right hand side of the stage. It was overwhelming and uplifting getting to witness so many people being reborn brand new in Christ. The pastor even mentioned to "celebrate their birthdays with them" and be their family. It was truly amazing. My sad tears of missing my dad on his birthday turned into happy tears witnessing such power and love from the Lord in so many people's lives, including my own. I have really grown to love this Church. Everytime I go, I feel a pulling connection where I am zoned in 100% just listening to God speak. It's the first time in a long time I feel connected with the Church, and I love that. I just had to share this with y'all today.

The other night, I woke up at 3am with a severe muscle cramp in my left calf, and it was excrutiating! I was worried about going to the gym that it might hurt it more, but I have been SO dedicated to gyming it up at least once or twice a day Monday-Friday - no excuses! So I decided to talk to one of our personal trainers there. He told me to take it easy and do a lot of good stretching, walk on the treadmill for a while, then to try their new Hydro Full Body Massage bed that lasts 7 minutes. I didn't hesitate a bit! Full body massage, yes please!

It was so cool! Now, I'm the type of girl who will probably never get a professional massage because I am SO ticklish. I laugh when Scott gives me back rubs. Weird, right? I think my nerves are messed up! So the first two minutes of this machine I was giggling. You lay on this bed, and when it comes on, there is high water pressure that is heated and moves from the tips of your toes to the highest point on your back/shoulders. It was SO relaxing. You could change up the pressure and the speed using this little touch screen monitor...

I'd say it was one of the best 7 minutes of my day! Really did help my calf a lot along with stretching a ton all day. I hate getting cramps of any kind!

When I got home from Church last night, I thought Scott would just be getting home from work (he's been staying late to learn as much as possible at his new role at Dell) and that I would be having to cook dinner, and as soon as I walk in the door - there he is with Huxley all excited to see me and we had Pita Fusion take out - I cannot get enough of Pita Fusion!! SO delicious!! I swear, Scott has been unusally overly sweet and generous lately, I'm thinking he's either up to something or he is truly feeling blessed with his new job and our life lately, as am I. :-) Things are really good.

I also got a sweet little picture text from my oldest brother, Jeff, right before bed time and I thought it was cute. Love you too, Jeffy!

How random is this post!? Lol! Hope everyone is having a blessed week so far... tomorrow is Friday! We have some fun things planned this weekend between a House Party, Engagement Party, and another little date night. Will take pics :-).

What are your plans this weekend!?


Ruthie Hart said...

I am so glad you are feeling so connected and at home at Gateway. Keep pursuing the Lord, we are so lucky that He never stops pursuing us! And that massage bed sounds wonderful. I am sooo ticklish it's insane but the massages I've gotten have HURT, not tickled. The only good ones I have had were on our honeymoon and then anniversary at Barton Creek. Jon gives the best ones though :-)

daisiesinnovember.com said...

I love this post, lots of happy things in it :) That is so sweet that Scott was home waiting for you with dinner when you hadn't expected it!
And I need one of those massage beds in my life!

daisiesinnovember.com said...

I love this post, lots of happy things in it :) That is so sweet that Scott was home waiting for you with dinner when you hadn't expected it!
And I need one of those massage beds in my life!

Krista said...

I read your post yesterday and your tribute post. I didn't comment because I didn't know what to say. I can't imagine going through that loss. I'm so glad you have your siblings and Church to help you heal.

Glad you have a good weekend coming up, look forward to the pics :) We have a family party and company coming in from out of town so should be busy and fun.

smk053078 said...

It is such an amazing feeling seeing and knowing the Lord is doing amazing things! I saw from Ruthie's post that you go to gateway. I have heard wonderful things about that church. We go to Celebration in Georgetown and love it! Both churches are very similar. I know your dad is looking down and smiling. Glad we found each other today!