July 17, 2012

Homemade(ish) Sloppy Joes

How is everyone doing this morning? I have been better. I got a rough wake up call at 3am from the back of my left calf muscle in a charlie horse - OWW :-( I know people say you need to eat more bananas or something, but anyone have recommendations? - it's so sore! I have been working out a LOT lately doing a twice-a-day almost every weekday, could that be the reason?

Anyway, I go to check my inbox of my email last night and this is what I see....

Ughhhh... wth!? If anyone knows how to avoid this ^^, please let me know. Just been moving them to the spam folder.

I finally got to go grocery shopping yesterday after clipping some coupons from our mail, and ended up scoring HUGE with spending only $100 and getting at least 2 full weeks of food! No joke! We are usually spending close to $200 per 2 weeks, so I am super pleased.

Scott had a craving for Sloppy Joes, and I have never really made those before, and also haven't had them since I was really young, but after this past weekend, I had to make the man happy :-). Good thing he told me BEFORE I left for the store.

I would say they're completely homemade, but then I'd be lying. After a 9 hour day downtown and being in traffic, going to fedex in time for a pickup, I didn't want to go too crazy in the kitchen, so I got a little sloppy joe seasoning packet.... BUT I halfed the recipe so it'd only be for two, and I spruced it up with lots of veggies. So I'd like to say homemade(ish).

Servings: 2

1/2 lb. Ground Beef or Ground Turkey
1 Packet Sloppy Joe Seasoning
1/2 Cup Chopped Celery
1/2 Cup Chopped Chives
1/2 Cup Chopped White Onion
3 oz. Can Tomato Paste
3/4 Cup Water
2 Slices of Meunster Cheese
2 Wheat Buns

1. Brown Meat in Skillet over Medium High Heat
2. While meat is cooking, chop up the vegetables and place to the side
3. Once meat is cooked, add in the water, vegetables, tomato paste, and seasoning and bring to a boil while stirring occasionally.
4. Reduce to low and simmer for 10 minutes while stirring occasionally. Preheat oven to BROIL.
5. Put two bottom buns on a pan and your serving of the meat on each bun. Place the other two tops of bread on the pan for toasting. Top with a slice of meunster cheese, and put in oven for 2-3 minutes.
6. Let cool for a minute, then serve with a side of vegetables, chips, etc. Enjoy!

It was a huge win for my first experience cooking it! Next time, I want to try without the seasoning packet. But it really just replaces the ketchup/brownsugar/redwinevinegar/etc. so we will see - this was really good! Super easy 30 mintute or less meal! Great man-meal!!

Happy Tuesday!


Stesha said...

looks super yummy!!


Ruthie Hart said...

this is so weird because I was craving sloppy joes last week so I bought a packet and havent made them yet haha! going to make them soon with lots of veggies

Erin Heydt said...

They look soooo good! I love sloppy joes.

I've been getting an onslaught of anonymous comments too. I haven't figured out how to stop it.

Katie Price said...


- go into your blogger dashboard
- go into Posts & Comments
- Where it says "Who can comment?" select registered users

That won't turn on comment verification, but it will stop completely anonymous people from commenting :)

hope this helps, Amanda!

Mrs. T said...

That sloppy joe looks so good!! That's awesome that you got 2 weeks worth of food for $100!!