July 16, 2012

Weekend Surprise

Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and for my Austin friends, hope you enjoyed the weekend FULL of thunderstorms and cool weather :-), I sure did!

My weekend was orginally going to be very laid back. I got a call on Friday asking if I could watch my precious little Bananalee (Annalee) while our besties Ashley and Justin had to work an early shift, so Friday night for me ended very early since I had to be somewhere at 630am. Scott had some guy friends over and had an NBA 2k12 battle while I enjoyed some DVR shows and snugglin' with Huxley til I dosed off.

Babysitting Bananalee is one of my favorite things to do. She is literally the most chill baby ever! I love her sweet little face...

While I was babysitting, I got a phone call from Scott around 2pm saying he had some fun news and to get home as soon as possible! Hmmm this should be interesting. The whole weekend, we had been planning that Scott was going to spend the night at his Dad's place and hangout - so I was already planning on having my Saturday night consist of fun trashy TV shows, Huxley cuddle time, etc.

So I hurried on home when Justin got off work and relieved me, and Scott had a beer in his hand an a smile on his face as he had a bag packed and told me we'd be having a fun little staycation in downtown Austin at the Doubletree Guest Suites! *WHAT!?* We never get to do fun stuff like this!! So I quickly showered and threw on something cute and we were out the door!

Neither of us have been to the doubletree downtown, and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed! The rooms were HUGE and had a full kitchen, office, living room, AND TV in the bedroom - oh and the bed was huge too! I felt like a little kid I was so friggin excited.

Happy girl right hurrr!
We also had a pretty awesome view of all of Downtown including the State Capitol. Ballla

After jumping on the bed and swooning over our awesome room, it was time for a cocktail so we headed down to the hotel bar for some vodka tonics and to figure out where we wanted to eat.

We got soo many suggestions and recommendations from friends that we ended up debating forever until we eventually just wanted somewhere on Dirty 6th that we could walk out and bar hop after, so we went to Iron Cactus.
Started the night off right...
Margarita on the Rocks & a Vegas Bomb
Funny thing - I know that I took of a picture of my food at one point so it was weird when I went to grab it this morning for the post... maybe I deleted it that night? Dunno... but I ordered the Baja Tacos (Fish Tacos with a baja sauce) and they were amazing!

We then made sure to make it to Suite 101 (a West 6th St. bar) to see one of my good girlfriends Cheyenne who was bartending... I miss her! It was fun. It was super dark so I didn't get any pics of us together, but this is the one shot I did get at the bar.

Haha, you cant really tell... but the girl behind the bar is our friend Chey, and that big shadow is a girl just dancing... I was completely amazed because she never took a break! We were there at least 20-30 minutes and not once did she stop booty-dancin. Lol!

It started raining and my great hair day turned sour with a big wavy mess. At first I pulled my hair back while we bar hopped more, but then we went into this bar that had Corn Hole AND Jenga outside - and while others were scared of the rain. I was at the point of intoxication where it was WAY too fun to play in the rain than stay dry and boring. So I challenged Scottie to a game of Corn Hole and I WON! What whaaaaaat!?

We had SO. MUCH. FUN. together! Ya know, it just makes me feel so blessed and happy that Scott thought of us and planned a much needed little staycation away from home and all the daily stresses of work, life, etc. We were truly reminded of how much we genuinely enjoy each others company and have a blast together. I love him so much!! (Sorry for the sappyness haha)

So we went to bed I'm sure around 330ish? We woke up and checked out around Noon hung over and draggin' our feet... and knew we were destined to carry on our tradition when we go DT and have the best "hungover" burger in town... at Hut's!

We enjoyed some delicious burgers, and Scottie had a craving for their malts and ordered a Strawberry Malt to-go...

With full bellies and a headache, we left excited to go home and watch movies and lay around. I was soo excited to see my little munchkin and took him for a good walk and a dip in the pool! One of Huxley's favorite thigns to do is swim in the shallow area of a pool, and even MORE than that, towel off! He makes the funniest grunt noises toweling off and when I take the towel off him, he runs right back toward it for more... super cute... we call him Scuba Hux!

Anyway, sorry for the long post/pictuer overload - but this little surprise weekend was a BLAST and I wanted to share :-). Have a GREAT Monday, friends!!

What did you do this weekend!?


Casey said...

First of all, baby girl is TOO CUTE! I wanna squish her face. Second...what a sweet hubby you have takin you on a little impromptu staycation! Looks like y'all had too much fun! I totally need to get myself to Austin one of these days. Seems like my kind of city!

Celeste said...

What a thoughtful man you've got there! Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend...and as always, love the pictures of your baby dog ;)

Ruthie Hart said...

okay I was totally expecting a text about an engagement! but I am so happy you guys got a night away, it's hard to relax with the stresses of life. We did a stay cation in June and it was perfect (although we fell asleep at the hotel at 10pm lol). So funny, we went to Iron Cactus last Saturday night and I got the baja fish tacos :-) oh and I meant to tell you, Jon is in Louisiana this week...meetings in NOLA and Baton Rouge. Any restaurant recommendations for him??

Ashley said...

How sweet that he planned a night away! It looks and sounds like you had alot of fun!

Brooke Houston said...

haha I actually had the same thought Ruthie did... Your weekend sounds like SO much fun and totally trumps mine! How sweet of him to completely surprise you like that. Looks like yall had a blast partying. I love huts, I just went there last week, mmm!!! I say we need to hit downtown together!

Mallorie Owens said...

Your staycation looked like so much fun! I was totally with Ruthie and even told Dave that I thought you guys might be getting engaged, hehe. :) PS~ how cute is Hux in that towel?!