July 10, 2012

New Fav Coffee Shop

Good morning, friends!

I know it is for all of us Austinites that enjoyed yesterdays and todays raining. 70-80 degrees in July? We'll take it!

When I got off work yesterday, Scott was needing to stop by target for some new trimmers (his went out right as he got shaving ONE side of his face - before work hah! sorry boo. it was funny hehe) and also next door to get his hair cut. So getting drenched in the rain going from store to store was fun, and I ALMOST bought this adorb coin purse I found while browsing in Target... Sorry but I couldn't justify spending $7(!?!?!) on this little thing. Maybe when it goes on clearance for 75% off, yes?

Last night was very relaxing and just what I needed! Scott was super sweet and rented us some red box movies and cleaned up around the house leaving me with only having to cook us dinner :-) I was a happy girl after a long Monday! We rented 21 Jumpstreet and The Grey. Both were pretty good, Jumpstreet was funny, and I ALMOST made it through the whole movie of the Grey before conkin' out.

I made one of my fav meals to cook, Salmon and Asperagus...

While waiting for this delicious meal to cook, I went ahead and got everything from my giveaway ready to ship. Shipping a Starbucks card to New York and this cute tote to Dallas!

Huxley wanted in the action :-). We laid around the rest of the evening and I started prepping today's crockpot meal! This morning all I had to do was throw some thangs in the crockpot and set on low - ready to be eaten tonight when we get off work! I am making my mom's incredibly delicious Roast Rice and Gravy :-)

We were out of milk this morning so I couldn't make my coffee, and when I got to work I walked over on SoCo to this little Dominican Coffee Shop called Cup-O-Jo's... and I think I fell in love...

I ordered a Low-Fat FroJo Mocha (kinda like a light mocha frapp from Starbucks), and it was REALLY good! They also serve TacoDeli Breakfast Tacos and those are my fav! I ordered the Jess Special which is just a cobination of Egg, Monterey Jack Cheese, Avocado, Red Peppers, and Jalapenos. So good! The pricing was pretty similar to Starbucks, but the inside was fun - kind of urban looking. I will be going back!

Now I'm off to jumpstart on some marketing projects at work, but I also wanted to let y'all know that I am part of a nice big group giveaway over on Ruthie's blog - you can enter to win giftcards, ad spaces, etc by just going here below.


Ruthie Hart said...

I am a sucker for buying Frenchie themed stuff...omg west elm has so much! you should def go buy the coin purse!

Brittany said...

Yay for a new coffee shop! LOVE Taco Deli's breakfast tacos! SO GOOD! :)