July 27, 2012

Life Lately via Instagram/IPhone

Anyone else feel like this week has flown by!? Maybe it's because I've been so busy work-wise this week going to trainings off site and meetings, but I am lovin' it! Happy Friday to you all!

Thank you all for your comments yesterday about the Cupcakes I should make for my office. Now, my office only consists of about 5 people (including myself - our other 4 employees work remotely from home in 4 different states!) but thank you, I can't wait to post about my baking experience since I have never really gotten into it before too much besides cookies.

Same thing with crafting, I'm itching to buy a cheap dresser and re do it, and I found one on craigslist this morning for only $20! Might go pick it up :-) Now those that know me know I am not a good crafter, but I also have never really tried to craft. With over 120 something pins about DIY projects, I'm thinking I should give it a shot.

I have some fun random instagrams throughout this week so I thought I'd share!

1. Dinner date with my love Krista, who is the newest ATX Blogger, so I can call it a "blate". :-)
2. Kona Grill California Roll... Yummm

 Company Lunch @ Mama Fu's
1. Calamari
2. Crab Rangoons
3. Deeeeelicious Iced Tea for me
4. My brown rice, veggies, and beef
What a lame fortune cookie!! Although, it was pretty funny. One of my coworkers made a comment along the lines of... "Maybe it means you were once "cramped" at Dell, but now you're free!"
I love volunteering every Thursday for Meals on Wheels

OOTD on Tuesday when I went to Kona. Love love love this dress.
Rue 21 has some cuuuute summer dresses for only $15-20 right now!
1. 90 day mark on 8/1! Yay for having Insurance/Benefits again!!
2. Soo funny catching one of the IT guys snoozin on the job yesterday afternoon! I printed it out and taped it to my boss' door for a good laugh. He snores loud.

1. My little Bananalee in the Pool (bff's daughter) gosh she is so so cute
2. Cute texts from the boyfrannnnnn <3 love him
3. Funny how Huxley sleeps sitting up against the couch pillows.


Are you following me on Instagram!?

Happy, happy Friday!
What are your plans this weekend!?!?


Brooke Houston said...

I love that dress! and congrats on your 90 day mark and getting benefits again!!! That's got to be a good feeling. Mine starts 8/1 too!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

What an awesome weekend! The food looks good, and I definitely would have laughed at that fortune cookie!

P.s. I picked you/your blog for the Liebster Award! Swing over to check it out :) http://thesweetashleylife.blogspot.com/2012/07/liebster-awardtake-2.html

Krista said...

LOVE your dress, so cute!

AirMarket Designs said...

Love that little bannaLee made your blog! ;)

This is what I do at 3:00 in the morning when I actually get some me time... Read your blog and look on pinterest! lol!