July 30, 2012

Weekend to Ourselves

It is unusual for us to have an entire weekend of R & R, as we are usually jam packed with events one or the other of us has to attend, etc. Like coming up in August, besides the first weekend, we're out of town the other 3! First I'm attending a bachlorette weekend in San Antonio, the next he is attending a men's bachlorette getaway (same couple!) and third, Scott's leaving town for the weekend with his buddy to do their hometown Fantasy Football draft. By September we are going to need a couple getaway fo-sho.

So this weekend was so perfect for us to spend one on one. We started off right, too! On Friday, we celebrated my brother's baller week at work by having some drinks at third base, and I beat everyone at Big Buck Hunter! I am pretty sure I look ridiculous reloading my gun every time I shoot anything at all, I look like a mad woman haha. It is such a fun game though!

We watched some movies and passed out early only for Scottie to wake up at 9am on Saturday morning (wayy early for him!) and invite me to a cafe breakfast at the 620 Cafe in Round Rock. Ohh, I love this place! I treated myself to a chocolate milk and we had some fun laughs remembering the last time I came here and accidently ordered something with mushrooms, ewwwww. This time it was much better. Our hungry bellies are the reason why there was no photo of this :(.

We continued our day and decided not to go home, but to go shopping at the outlets close by!

Ralph Lauren had a huge sale going on, so it was Scott's lucky day. He is the kind of guy that dresses up on casual Friday. You'll never find him in basketball shorts or a tshirt at work, always a button down with jeans/cargoshorts on casual day or fully dressed. He scored a new belt, tie, three new shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes at the outlets and spent under $200!

I am in in this "must save for a house" mode, so lately when I've been shopping I've been stopping myself from buying really anything as I am in full house-fever mode and want to save every penny. It'll still be a while, but we've been sending each other many houses we both like :-).

Huxley has been sleeping in our bed pretty much his whole life, but we decided over the weekend after being completely smushed together for months, that until we get a King, Huxley needs to sleep in his own bed - this little muffins sprawls out in between us leaving us hanging off the bed hah.

I think he loves it... it even matches our bedding!

We stopped by redbox on the way home knowing we'd probably have a horror movie night and eat popcorn and snug up on the couch, but I could not have been LESS impressed with this movie...... "The Intruders" ... buhhhhh so weird! We ended up turning it off to watch DVR as we had recorded Something About Mary, Enemy of the State, and 21. All great movies!

Friday I picked up these gorgeous crosses down South for only $10! What a steal! I cannot wait to start really decorating our little home and a little cross wall is just what we need!

Earlier Friday during the day, I had a little lunch date with our office Manager, Sharon, who is about 70 years old and the funniest lady, I love working with her! We get caught up in the most random conversations and she tells the best stories. Makes the work day very quick and easy. :-) Well, we chose this new place in walking distance to our office that just replaced Bennigans, and as much as I wanted to like it so much, I was not impressed, the food was really bland.

We ordered the Fish Tacos and the Capri Salad and split both entrees. These two entrees are some of which I order at multiple restaurants to see how they compare, who has the better one, etc. We even got the fish blackened, and it still had no flavor. It was almost like everything tasted the same, has that ever happened to you?? Meh. I was, however, impressed with the furniture and ambiance of the restaurant. Very sports-like with TVs everywhere, and the bar top tables and regular dining tables, they looked pretty expensive dark brown wood. The service was also pretty good. Would I go there agian? Eh. Probably not with all the amazing restaurants in Austin to choose from.

Soo.. funny coincidence that our #1 house we are looking at is on a street named "Huxley Ln"... Even though we don't have NEAR enough to put down 20% on a house at the moment, Scott is seriously considering pulling some strings, but we will see! It's so hard that the market is so great right now, but we just don't have the money we need quite yet. We are about to start buckling down hard. I'm so excited!

What did everyone else do this weekend!?


Ruthie Hart said...

your weekend sounds wonderful!! we havent had one without any plans forever but we still managed to totally veg out yesterday after church! I agree yall need a couples getaway :-)

and WOO HOO on a house!!! seriously if you can swing it, right now is SO good!! I'm not sure if they are offering these anymore but back when the recession was really bad, banks were offering an 80/20 loan...normally you just get a loan for 80% of the house price since you put 20% down but they would do two separate loans and youd pay off the 20% one first, make sense? its worth asking about! sorry for the long comment, ramblings of Ruthie lol

Brooke Houston said...

I love weekends with just us. It sounds like you needed it too since August is going to be insane!

from maggie's farm said...

I wanted to tell you how clever your blog design is. Then, I said to myself, let me see what else she's posted lately. THEN, I saw a picture of LSU CAPS!! LSU!!!! LSU!!!!!
Okay, I'll calm down.
Well, not yet. LSU!!!! LSU!!!! LSU!!!
Maggie (LSU!!!Class of 94)