October 12, 2011

A Day in My Life

Happy Hump Day! Today is a double-link up as I am linking up with beautiful Mrs. T for her "Blog Outside the Box" series, and also linking up with newlywed Michelle over at the Vintage Apple using Pinterest pics to illustrate my day. This will be fun :) 

So I start my day at 5:30am: When Huxley licks my face and squirming around letting me know he's gotta potty. Yes, he is 15 weeks old and I already let him sleep in my bed! He sleeps all night.. I love it! We will go for a little walk.

5:45am-6am- Making lunches, and picking out clothes to wear for the day (this takes up about 13 minutes of that 15 minutes as I am so indecisive and feel like I have no clothes ever!)

6am-6:45am- Shower, Straighten hair or put it back in a ponytail, grab a quick bite to eat (usually a bagel with nutella on it, or a fried egg white on a sandwich thin....) and throw on makeup. Leave for work.

7am-12pm- At work, I will usually have some fruit or pretzels for a snack around 930-10am. I usually take my lunch break at my desk at noon or we usually have a training to go to with free lunch! If Scott works a morning shift (he usually works at 1pm-10pm) I will use my entire hour of lunch to hang out with the little Huxley. :-) For lunch I am very simple with a sandwich or salad. Unless at work I induldge in all sorts of horrible things to eat: pluckers, chuys, pizza, pf changs, newks sammys, it's terrible awesome.

1pm-4pm- Working away with another snack around 230-3pm, I take inbound small business sales calls, and sell them hardware and software they need to make their cash registers, computers, quickbooks, payroll, security, etc all work. I enjoy it as I get to talk to people all over the US and enjoy being the tech sales rep that helps their business grow.

4pm-5pm I leave work and grab Hux for a long fun walk. Our Apts have a huge dog park right behind is inside the complex, so you'll always find me there. I've started running with him as well he's gettin' bigger and it's gettin' cooler outside - plus - at the moment I haven't been going to the gym as much as I should so I would like to say it's really good for me!
5pm-930pm- I would like to say I spend this time all cuddled up eatin' dinner and relaxing with my boo, but he works til 930-10pm every night, so I spend this time cooking up something yummy for him, getting laundry done, playing with Huxley, and watching TV. Or I will use that time to go visit my girl friends or stop by for a little happy hour next to the house with them. But it varies during the week sometimes Scott gets off early and we have DVR night!

via via

930pm-11- Scottie gets home, he eats dinner and we talk and watch TV and whenever I'm practically snoring I'll go to bed with little Hux and he comes to bed a little later.

As a schedule for our week, this is how it usually goes:

Mondays-  Monday Night Football! You can find me whippin up some fun little appetizers and when Scott gets home it's football time!

  Tuesdays: Scott usually works morning shifts on Tuesdays (my favorite!) so when he gets home I usually have dinner ready and we have DVR night since most of our favorite shows come on Monday while we're watching football. My favorite night of the week!!

Wednesdays: I am usually home alone til 10pm so I spend lots of QT with my little man and do some housework - OR be super lazy and watch TV :) Also if I have time I'll join in on #commenthour / commenthour.com and get to know a lot of new bloggers! So much fun!

Thursdays: Scott works late again so I am usually cooking dinner and relaxing, going on long walk/run with Huxley and playing on the computer.

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays: These are spent watching football, having a few drinks, spending time together. Scott works during the day Saturday so I'll be running errands, grocery store, hanging out at our family friends house, and getting much needed housework done.

So that is my day. I have been making a goal to add one hour of GYM time at least 4 times a week! I have got to go! Running with Huxley is fun but I feel like I am ready to start incorporating weights into my workouts, and shed a few pounds.  Thanks for the linkup Mrs. T!

Now for a few of my favorite pins of the week before I get back to work!


source: pinned from beautiful Kristy's blog

Comfy and Cute - Usual types of outfits I'll wear to work.

Sorry for the delay in posting - today has been hectic hectic at work!! Hope everyone enjoyed the rest of their day!! XOXO



Ruthie Hart said...

I am totally loving reading all the schedules of different bloggers! You and me have similar schedules since we both work office jobs. You are such a good girlfriend getting your chores and laundry done when Scottie is gone! I do that half of the time and the other half of the time Jon is gone, I am glued to reality tv!!

PS I might have to come to your apartment dog park!

Liz Taylor said...

Love reading this cutie patootie, your puppy is so cute. Take some pics of appetizer's you whip up. I suck @ cooking and could use some tips! And I am SO WITH YOU on feeling like I never have anything to wear

Leah from Sweet and Sour Showers said...

I was going to say this sounded a lot like Ruthie's schedule, haha. Two peas in a pod! You guys are so cute. Could you ever picture a guy writing something like this?!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I loved that video too. How hilarious is that!

Lindsey said...

WHAT is that football food? I want some. NOW.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh, Huxley is sooooo cute!! I have a new-to-me dog who licks me awake, also. How can I not love her?!

Visiting from #commenthour. Great stuff!

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

Ahh. Love the outfit you pinned. Comfy and cute for sure.

Elizabeth said...

love that puppy! what a cutie! #commenthour!

Haute Americana said...

My dog sleeps in bed with me too! Since the moment I got her. Huxley is so adorable.

Krystina said...

How was I not already following you?! I come by your blog all the time but apparently not often enough- how did I miss you got a Boston?! We just did too!! Hux is so freakin cute!! And his ears are already standing up?! I'm dying over here! I'm Krystina by the way :) Glad I'm finally a follower and so looking forward to keeping coming by!

MJ said...

Your dog is so cute. I want a new puppy. lol

Anessa said...

Thanks for sharing your day, and your cute pics of Huxley... He's adorable! I let my Daisy sleep with me too! - Anessa

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

yaaay another office job person. i was wondering if i was one of the only ones LOL. i've been running when i get home with suzie. i figure if i have to walk her anyway i might as well run and get rid of little pooch, since everyone keeps asking me if i'm pregnant. HA! nice. cute post my italian, office working, dog running sista. haha. xoxo

holly tomlinson said...

oh amanda i love you! you should start coming to the gym with allie and i we go 3 times a week! :) i know i always go on your "tuesday" with scottie bear so i know thats hard for ya! lol love you booo face

holly tomlinson said...

oh amanda i love you! you should start coming to the gym with allie and i we go 3 times a week! :) i know i always go on your "tuesday" with scottie bear so i know thats hard for ya! lol love you booo face