October 10, 2011

Life Made Lovely Monday

Ok - so most Monday's I have a major "case of the Monday's" and am knee deep in a bunch of work to do for the day blehhhhhh! But today I am not! This weekend was so much fun! I am so refreshed, relaxed, and ready to kick this week's butt at work and outside of work! Now that I have a camera, and a working oven (ha!) I am finally able to cook again! I also received something FABULOUS at my door yesterday!! But we'll get to that soon :)

Saturday was spent again over at our friend Roger's house watching some football!! My LSU tigers completely annihilated Florida, thank you very much. :-) As far as UT ... ehh not so much.

This weekend had some great food as well!

I can't wait to post the recipes for the last two pictures you see above! That would be called Bubble Enchiladas *from Weight Watchers!* and my new Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies. Ohh yes, that just happened. They're amazing!

 Huxley is loving his new sweatshirt (finally... you can see how he first felt about it here.)

It actually rained!! (If you are not in Texas, Austin has gone MONTHS without rain and with all the wild fires and disaster, we needed this bad!!) :) This photo is hilarious, as Colin crawled on top of his dad's land rover to block the rain from going inside the sunroof while my brother Chris tried to learn how to actually close it. Ha! It was pretty funny.

I got my dining room table!!! YAY! Even better - Scottie and I built it together and had a lot of fun learning what the hell all the 200 bolts we got were for. Look at these beautiful colors!! I LOVE it!! 

I was out in Leander on Sunday, but I wasn't about to let that keep me from attending Gateway, so I turned it on live and put in my ear phones and listened to the entire sermon. I was SO impressed and loved the series we are going through, and I cannot wait to attend the real thing next weekend!

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will be posting a delicious recipe! Which one you want first?!

Today I am linking up here and here! Happy Monday!!


Karen said...

Those are all great pics. Cracking up over Colin on top of the car. The bubble enchiladas look amazing!

Liz Taylor said...

Hi just wanted to come by and tell you to stop being so pretty! You're gorgeous and that picture of Colin is EPIC!

Courtney said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love that feeling of being refreshed on a Monday. Can't say it happens often but when it does it is SOOOOO fantastic! And p.s. Those chocolate chip pumpkin cookies look amazing. Pretty sure I'll be back for that recipe!

ashley @ a {little} dash of ash said...

thanks for linking up! xxoo

thefamilypracticeblog.com said...

Mmmm... share that cookie recipe!

Heather said...

love these pics!! you're so gorgeous, girlie!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

LOL!!!!! the rain pictures! too much. so funny.
that first pic of you is so pretty amanda! are you italian? i'm italian and you look like my pretty cousin, is why i ask.
glad you have a working oven again... i need to start actually using mine more. which by the way you need to email that pumpkin choc chip recipe you used. that sounded amazing. your comment made me smile and want to hug you :)