October 6, 2011

No Work, All Play :)

Yesterday, we had a Rep Appreciation day for our little Business Sales floor and went to Main Event in Austin. We worked maybe 3-4 hours or so, and then went off to enjoy the rest of the day thanks to Trend-Micro for providing us all of the food and reservations.

I'm Embracing my job today as I am so blessed to have such a fun and stable job, and one that I will not take for granted.

Anyway, here is just a recap of our fun time yesterday! These are my favorite work days! ;-)

Bottom Right Pic: Totally bowled a 114! Woohoo winna winna!

It was a ton of fun! Overload of yummy food, and I ran into an old manager I knew from Dave and Busters (previous employer for 4+years) and also just a little tidbit about me, Main Event was my very first job (ever) and I ran into my old manager -- I worked there over 6.5 years ago! Crazy.. 

After everyone left, I left with my girl friend Candice and we headed towards one of our favorite places for Happy Hour! Kona Grill! :-) Funny enough, I ran into yet another old manager but this time it was my old sales team from my recent job I got promoted from! I was so happy to see my old team and my girls Katrina and Ashly! Love love love them!

I am so blessed to have a job and work for a company that loves their employees and appreciates them. We get offsites, free lunch, free products, great benefits, and good pay, and it is stable. Now - we work really hard and it can be really stressful in sales, but still I can't rave on it enough how happy I am to be a part of this company and everything it stands for.

I'm linking up today with Emily from The Anderson Crew for Embracing the Camera. Feel free to click the link or the picture and see what others are Embracing today!


Ruthie Hart said...

so fun! I want to work for Dell!!! hehe

Mrs. T said...

Looks like such a blast!!

xo katrina said...

looks like fun! it's rare to find a job with such fun perks these days!