October 14, 2011


TGIF!! This week has been one fun and exciting week! I've gotten a lot of work done at the office and at home, I've started the longer walks/runs with my chunk-o-cuteness Huxley, and have cooked up some amazing meals/treats!!

Since I am still in the BlackBerry dark ages, I'll have to use PicNik to help me "Instagram" my week! :-) Enjoy! Oh! And don't forget to check out my sweet friend Ruthie's blog for her first giveaway - AND it is her birthday so stop by and say happy birthday to her!!

Here are some of the highlights of my week:

Made some crazy delicious Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies for my sales team at the office, following along with my beautiful Italian SISTA Ashley at La Luce with her series on GIVING. You can see the cookie recipes here!

Huxley and I have spent some great quality time chillaxin' on the couch and going on our little runs/walks. He loves his new sweatshirt :) to see a hilarious video of him the first time he wore it, click here.

2-3 weeks ago, Scottie ordered me a beautiful dining room table as I've been wanting one forEVER and I've never had one. He is the sweetest!! I got it earlier this week! You can read a post (his first blog post!) about me here.

At work we've been having contest after contest for different softwares or laser printers to sell, and this week alone I've won $200 on my paycheck, $125 in giftcards above. Ahhhh yeahhh! Bought my hunny some Cologne yesterday - Burberry Touch (SMELLS SO GOOD!)

You're probably thinking, "WTH is that??" It looks weird right? Haha, well it tastes great! The other night I bought some boneless ribs from the store and marinated in BBQ sauce, onions, and some garlic salt/minced garlic in the crockpot for 8 hours, and put it over a bed of brown rice and some roasted veggies. Absolutely delicious! Will post recipe soon!

Last night I got a tweet about being featured in a Top Read blogs online magazine called "The Food and Gardening Daily". How cool! Of course the best picture of the Enchiladas was from Pinterest, but I was so honored to have my blog featured, Thank you!! You can read it all here.

This is the Bubble Up Enchiladas I made a few nights ago. Huge huge hit! Healthfied, and delicious. Check the recipe out here.

Had so much fun hanging with the bloggers from #commenthour! If you have not signed up for commenthour before, it's on Wednesday nights, usually around 8:30pm CST or 9pm. You meet so many new bloggers and read some great posts! You comment around and when you sumbit your link, you could be hosted the following Wednesday! Read more here if you want to join!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!!

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Leah from Sweet and Sour Showers said...

That's so cool that you were featured in the Food and Garden site! And I keep seeing your enchiladas all over pinterest too. :)

Karen said...

Big congrats on a) the winnings at work and b) being featured in the online magazine!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Heather said...

I didn't realize you had a pup like Ernie!! So cuttteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!