October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well it's official. Huxley LOVES people. We took him to Third Base (a local Sports Bar about 2 minutes away from mi casa) on Saturday night to watch the Rangers play. Of course he was the most well behaved dog, seriously - he just slept in my lap or cuddled and kissed people the whole time! So cute!

We also got to visit his favorite Cousin, Dottee, who he LOVES playing with! Dottee is a Shitzu-Bichon mix and is about just under two years old. She is the same size and just as hyper as Huxley - so let's just say they both got a FULL nights rest afterwards!

We also had friends over yesterday to watch football (GEAUX SAINTS!) and I whipped up some more of those Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies (recipe here). It was so much fun, Scott even busted out his guitar! I may or may not have a few vids to post later! hehe

Unfortunately 7am Monday morning came quickly this week, so I'm stocked up with coffee, a diet coke, a breakfast taco, banana, and plenty of water to jump start my day! :) Here are some random pictures throughout our weekend!

What did you do this past weekend??????

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Ruthie Hart said...

so cute that you took him to Third Base! I saw a boston at The Ranch a couple of weeks ago...Ernie is too curious to take to a bar for a whole game haha. Oh and the Saints Game...HOLY MOLY!!

siddathornton said...

geaux saints!

and huxley is just about the cutest dog i've ever seen.

happy monday :)

Leah from Sweet and Sour Showers said...

I wish I liked football, ha! Actually I'm quite fortunate that my husband is not that into it. He likes college football but it doesn't really interfere. :)