October 7, 2011


It has been one seriously draining week! I've been working my new 7am-4pm schedule (coming from 10am-7pm is a great difference) and seeing Scott about one hour a day since I'm practically snoring by the time he gets home from work at night :(. I have had a lot of fun this week, but am so so ready for the weekend.

Some things I am proud of accomplishing this week:

1. Took the plunge to healthy eating: Now that I have my new camera *finally* I can start blogging recipes again. Since then though, Scott and I have been very determined to not drink at all during the work week, and eating smaller portions at dinner - also eating EARLIER... With going from a job where I walk and run around all day long being a server/bartender... going to a sitting job is hard. I've definitely gained more weight then I wanted to and not been very motivated to work out or eat better. It doesn't help that we have free lunch at work all the time! I honestly have to say reading your lovely blogs about your workouts and what works for you really encourages me to get my act together and look good for myself, and for my boo of course ;-)

Salmon Salad for Lunch yesterday

Been having one of these for breakfast for added protein and fiber. So yummy!

2. Pushed myself at work to hit some hard numbers at work and won $200 in a drawing! Ahhhhh yeahhh!


3. Bought a Camera (technically it was on last Saturday) but I felt like my blog was so empty without pics or videos!

4. Blog Daily: It was pretty hard to blog a lot without a camera, so I have to say thank you to Pinterest for giving me inspiration to keep bloggin', but I realized I was blogging only twice a week and not very timely (I'd post one day at noon and two days later at 8pm...). This week I've been able to post every day in the morning to be more consistant, and it does help that I have so much free time between 7-8am at work.

Some posts from this week:

5. More Active with Huxley: This week Hux and I have gone on long walks and he's gettin' so much bigger! Scottie and I have now taught him how to sit! I'll post a video soon! So cute. I love how active and playful he is, it's definitely a huge motivator to get up and out of the house to walk around and excersize.

So these are some goals I would really like to accomplish this weekend/next week.

1. Stay on this healthy eating plan. I need to get on the healthy bandwagon and continue to eat well, but also make time for my gym! I've had a gym membership forever and rarely go there to work out. No bueno! Maybe start running long distance with Huxley since the weather is cooling down...

2. These past few Sundays have been busy or we've been away from home, but this Sunday I want to go to Church. I used to work on Sundays so it was nearly impossible to go, but there is no excuse now that I have all weekend off. I've been wanting to go to Gateway after hearing the numerous amazing stories from my friend Ruthie about it.

 3. I want to take a few minutes with Scott this weekend and do a Vlog! Maybe an accent one? I have never done it before, and I told Kristen I would link up for the Blog Outside the Box series, so I'm going to do it. Kind of excited! And nervous.... :)

4. After missing out on all my blogfriends video chat last night, I decided I really need to get a webcam this weekend. Out of all the girls, I have the most outdated computer equipment and I work at dell. I know right?! Time to upgrade, Amanda!

 5. Do some crafts this weekend/week. I have seen soooo many fun household things I can make on Pinterest and need to start hanging some frames, decorating my apt! It's kind of hard as the layouts a little awkward, but nonetheless, it still looks like we just moved in... and I would love for it to be a little more homey.


 Two things I'm extremely excited about:

1. My older brother Chris got a job at Dell! He has just moved back to Austin! SO so excited to have close family here as it's just been me by my lonesome since my family moved back to Louisiana.

2. My mom is taking a trip to Vegas with her boyfriend soon - and it is work related, but she invited him for the fun times after work! I have a feeling something really exciting might come from that. Cough cough.... She promised no Elvis weddings but you have to do something first before getting married ;-)! We'll seeeee!

 What are you excited about for this month??
Have you accomplished some goals you've been meaning to lately?

TGIF! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Ruthie Hart said...

I love this post idea!!! Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff going on right now and you are staying grounded. It is so hard to eat healthy sometimes...luckily I made some meals earlier this week knowing Jon would be out of town so I've been eating leftovers rather than eating junk (like I normally do when he is gone!).

I would love it if you came to Gateway girl!! We go at 11am if you want to join us :-).

PS Hux is sooo cute

PPS last night was hysterical!

Alana said...

Sounds like you had a very productive week! Good for you lady! I've been slacking in the goal department; these days it's all I can do to keep up!

Courtney said...

Wow you had such an amazing week and accomplished so much! Way to go. It's so inspiring to see someone set goals and meet them like that. Amazing!

Megan said...

Yay for a new camera! That salmon salad looks amazing!!

Heather Tovey said...

Good job on your goals, and good luck to you this week, as well!

My main goal this month is to get into the habit of studying French because I'm going English-free in January!

Also, your dog is really cute.